The Best Ankle Weights for a More Productive Workout Exercise

1. Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights Set

It is made of a cushiony material that’ll make you feel comfortable even if you wear this for hours at a time. If you’re into toning your glutes, then this is the perfect ankle weights for you. It features an easy to wear and remove strap that is ensured to be durable.


· It has a very good fit even for people who have tiny ankles. It doesn’t loosen up even if you constantly move.

· Your ankles stay put all the time. It’s not too heavy, but it also gives you enough resistance to tone your leg muscles.

· These are very comfortable around your ankles. It’s possibly due to the soft cushiony padding that it has. It absorbs sweat pretty good and your ankles don’t get itchy even if you’re wearing this for hours.


· It doesn’t work well when you’re using it while walking because the constant up and down motion can loosen it up. However, if you’re just going to use it inside the gym together with low impact machines, it doesn’t loosen up.

· It’s a bit difficult to tighten.

2. Nordic Lifting Ankle / Wrist Weights

The Nordic Lifting Ankle / Wrist Weights is also one of the best ankle weights you can try. This ankle weight features a neoprene padding which gives you comfort when you wear this around your ankles for a long period of time. It’s not only comfortable but durable as well, thanks to the high quality material it’s made of. The reinforced stitching also adds up the expected long service life this product has.

If you’re into cross training, aerobics, jogging, or fitness workouts, then this is the ankle weight for you. When you buy this, you’ll also get one carry bag, an instructions manual, and a one-year warranty. You should also know that this is not only an ankle weight, but this can also be used as wrist weights. So it’d double the fun for you!


This one is comfortable to wear. It feels very soft on your skin and it doesn’t itch even if you’re sweating a lot. What’s best is that it absorbs sweat, so you’ll still feel dry even if you’re on an intense workout.

· It’s also easy to put on and remove. This might be due to the soft texture of the material it’s made of.

· You’ll feel that this one is made of high quality materials because of its smooth and soft texture. It does what it is supposed to do, and that is provide you with enough resistance to build up your core strength.


· Though this ankle weights is generally comfortable to wear, you’ll feel a bit of rubbing with the straps. This might annoy you at times especially if you’ve been jogging for quite some time.

· You need to buy another pair of high socks so you won’t feel the annoying rubbing of the strap on your skin.

3. FIT1ST All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights

The FIT1ST All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights is also another ankle weight that we recommend you to try. If you’re really serious about improving your balance, core strength, and vertical jump, then this one’s for you. But be warned that this is for advanced gym buddies who have already built up enough core strength and lower body strength.

So if you pass those standards, then this one’s the perfect ankle weights for you. It weighs a whopping 45 pounds, so it would surely be challenging to walk with these wrapped around your ankles. However, there are four other variants that each has different respective weights. It has a blue color and black edge linings. Its straps are also black and bear the brand name and logo.


· This ankle weight feels sturdy on your feet. It doesn’t feel flimsy and will surely help you to stand upright. What’s best about this product is that its construction is superb. It’s strong and won’t easily get ripped or any kind of damage.

· It’s comfortable to wear even if you’re wearing low socks. It feels soft thanks to the cushiony padding it has inside its surface material.

· It feels very premium and made of high quality materials.


· The Velcro straps are too short. It can’t properly reach wrap around your ankles.

· This is not recommended for people who have big feet of big ankles.

4. Adidas Ankle/Wrist Weights

Then here comes another one from Adidas, which is the Adidas Ankle/Wrist Weights. Adidas is known as one of the best brands when it comes to sports equipment and gears, together with Nike. It’s because of this very good reputation it has, that we were able to include this in our list. However, it’s not just because of their brand that we decided to include them, but it’s also because of the materials, features, and aesthetic quality this one has.

This ankle weights weigh 2 pounds and is secured with its own locking mechanism. If you want to strengthen your ankle muscles, as well as ton your arms, then this one’s for you. It’s because this product is not just an ankle weight, but you can also use it as a wrist weight. It looks pretty sleek and nice because of its simple black minimalist color. Its soft cushiony padding will also do a good job to keep your ankles or wrists comfortable. Its straps are found on its sides. Though there are not other sizes available, this ankle weights would fit any ankle sizes because it’s fully adjustable.


· This ankle weights is very easy to adjust. It rolls in smoothly and you don’t need to exert much effort in tightening it up because of its very flexible material.

· It holds your ankles pretty well. It gives you a tight and secure feeling. This one’s the perfect ankle weights for you if you haven’t yet built up enough lower body and core strength.

· It’s a bit light but it gives enough resistance to tone your muscles properly.

· The material it’s made of is clearly of high quality. It’s durable, it doesn’t easily get damages. It’s for the outdoors.

· It looks very attractive. The Adidas logo gives a strong statement that this ankle weight is for real.


· If you adjust it too tight, a bit of the Velcro strap will hang around.

5. Sportneer Ankle Weights Set, Ankle Weight Straps

The Sportneer Ankle Weights Set, Ankle Weight Straps is another highly recommended ankle weights. These are fully adjustable and weigh around 0.6 pounds. However, you can adjust its weight to 3.5 pounds if you want to go hardcore. If you’re into fitness training and cardio exercises, then this one’s for you. This will also work well as a therapeutic equipment to condition your ankles, knees, and legs back to normal function.

Its easily adjustable Velcro straps also do a good job in securing your ankles in place, so you don’t have to worry about injuries when you’ve got this one. It is made from neoprene material, making it durable and visually pleasing at the same time. If it’s your first time using ankle weights, this is also highly recommended for you because you can gradually increase the weight as you build up more strength.


· This can be worn very snuggly. It doesn’t loosen up even if you use this while walking or jogging for long periods of time. This might be because of its material’s patterned texture.

· The materials that this ankle weight is made of is durable and of high quality. It doesn’t easily get damaged thanks to its rugged design.

· You won’t have any problem wearing this for hours because it’s very comfortable to wear. There might even be times where you’ll forget that you’re wearing ankle weights. That’s how cool it is to wear these ones.

· It doesn’t easily pick up dust. It’s okay if you won’t wipe it regularly because it’s just going to do fine.


· You’ll have a bit of problem in removing and inserting it around your ankles. It just doesn’t slide that good.

· It’s also a little bit expensive. There are other ankle weight products that have similar materials and features with this one but are considerably priced lower.


The ankle weights reviewed in this article are all highly recommended because of their durability, level of comfort, and functionality. However, we can’t deny the fact that there will be one product that will stand up and emerge as the best among the other four ankle weights. And that’s going to be the Adidas Ankle/Wrist Weights.

First of all, this one is not just an ankle weight, but it can also be used as wrist weights. There’s a dual functionality when you choose this one. Also, it is made up of high quality materials because obviously, that’s what Adidas does in all of its products that also lead to them being one of the top two sports brands. This ankle weight is also comfortable to wear thanks to its cushiony padding. But still, it’s durable and very robust. This can take a hell lot of beating.

If you want to make the most out of your fitness workout exercise, then it would be best if you choose the Adidas Ankle/Wrist Weights. You’ll be surprised to see how good the results are when you’ve been using this for a few weeks.