Mistakes Angular.JS developers usually make

Note before reading: This post is based on my own experience while working with AngularJS and references to some online articles in the internet.

  1. MVC directory structure

This is exactly the structure when I worked with angular for the first time. However, if your project starts to scale larger, this layout causes many problems. You may find a lot of js files in the services folder, for example, and this is totally bad. Solution for file structure? Group files based on features to make it easier to find all the files related to a particular feature which will speed up development.


Let’s say, this is your main js file in angular app

When working on large app, everything should not be in a single file, it should be divided into modules that can be reused across files in structure file tree.

3.JQuery using in Angular app

Sound weird.. but it is true that you should not use JQuery as Angular has offered you all the functionalities that JQuery can do, such as event handle,animation, ajax, DOM manipulation.

Animation with Angular : https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ngAnimate

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