SSH commands that are mostly used…

You used to work with VPS Linux, didn’t you?

These below are those SSH commands that are mostly used to manage VPS Linux. Little note here is that before start, you should connect with VPS via SSH by using Putty or ZOC Terminal. Some people prefer using ZOC because it is easy for you to copy/paste but I have never used it, instead I use Putty commonly.

So, let’s start.

  • cd ~ : move to the home directory of user
  • cd .. : move to the parent directory
  • pwd : show the current directory path
  • ls : show all the file/ directory at the current directory
  • Let’s talk a bit about wild cards here.. so ls *.php means that it will show all the file .php
  • cp [filename] [new filename] : simply copy and change the file name
  • rm [filename]: delete a file
  • rm * : be careful, this will delete all file in the working directory(of course, you can use wild cards here..)
  • grep [text] [filename] : find a content in a file
  • chmod : change file permission, ex : chmod 777 wp-config.php

[At least, these commands are those I think I mostly use when working with SSH in Linux server..]. Hopefully, this will be updated more : )

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