Vue.js 2 learning resources note

This post is for newcomers of Vue.js who is passionate about this new front-end JS library/ framework.

Vue did not get a lot attention from the big bosses like Angular or React but still get a big community and it is obvious to say that resources to learn Vue is varies and many!

I have just picked up Vue.js 2 recently and I wrote this post to share the resources that I use while learning Vue.js. I have no knowledge of Vue.js ver 1+ but obviously it is not necessary.

The official website

The office website of Vue.js is outstanding and the best resource for devs, also as a reference when coding with Vue.js. So head to official website:VueJS official website

The Guide will walk you through all the concepts related to Vue. It starts with installing Vue and then goes on to a basic introduction and covering all of the core concepts such as the Vue Instance, the Template Syntax, Components, etc.

API docs is very complete and contains information on all the Vue API, directives and built-in components.

Examples of the website contains various embedded JSFiddles that demonstrates various aspects of Vue. It seems like a good place to learn about some of the aspects in isolation.

Video and online courses

There is a wide range of free videos available on YouTube. Two that stand out is:

  • This Youtube video is super cool for beginners. So check it out
  • Moving from Vue1 to Vue2. I think this could be the one you should check it out

What about other online courses, Pluralsight at this point do not have VueJS course but you can check this Udemy Vue JS 2 — The Complete Guide (incl. Vuex)(this is paid course unfortunately and I have not tried this course).

And, Egghead also get a bunch of video tutorials. This Develop Basic Web Apps with Vue.js may helps you.

Github — open sources and open learning resources

Awesome-Vue is the combination of all the online resources to learn Vue. This is the best resource so far I have ever seen! And it has even more resources than this post so do not forget to check it!

Books? Yes, books!

I am a fan of coding books. So, definitely when learning Vue, books is the first resource I choose to pick.


Without practice, you learn nothing! Honestly, after finish a course,or finish reading a book, go yourself, create an app, could be anything that you can apply theory to a product app. That is the best way to learn to code :D The more practice, the better you code.


Hopefully this post will help you to master Vue.JS, and me too :D Now, I go to learning Vue.js!Good luck on your learning journey and happy coding:D