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Coding in pairs or in teams are so common, especially in project when we have to cooperate with other programmers in order to generate a software product. So, what’s the solution? Team Viewer could be an option here to help to work, but the disadvantages of Team Viewer is that you have to install it whenever you are working with another laptop/computer. Well, I even saw some people trying to archive or zip file and then send that folder, and then the teammate fix the code, edit it and send it again.

So, how we can improve the performance?

Fiddle will help us, saving time and efficiently help to maximize the team work programming performance. With Fiddle, we can share code HTML, CSS, JS file fast without installing anything.

What is Fiddle? It is a so-called code playground, the place where you can code, show the outline and then send it as a link.

There are some popular Fiddle that I know currently : jsfiddle, jsbin, plunker, dotnetfiddle,etc

With Fiddle, you have HTML, CSS, JS and output window, then we can code, run it online, and see the output. After that, we copy the link and send it to the team.

As a whole, I will summarize the advantages of Fiddle:

  • Code fast, no need IDE
  • Collaboration because Fiddle will update automatically and at the same time, easy to fix bug.
  • Revision support
  • Fiddle supports many JS libraries, such as Jquery, AngularJS, instead of downloading JS lib file
  • Link is supported by Fiddle

Of course, Fiddle does have some downsides, such as only one library is supported or without remind syntax support. However, with huge amount of advantages, Fiddle is still regarded as a good tools for coding team work.

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