[Day 0] Cancer
Thuy Muoi

We hugged each other twice on the rooftop of Sheraton that day Oct. 5th, em Thuy. I don’t want to believe at what I am reading here. All of a sudden!

I faced my biggest fear ever a night 14 years ago. I would take an eye lasik surgery within the next 12 hours. I was among the first group of patients ever to take it in Vietnam. We all signed a piece of paper that I would not hold the hospital responsible for anything bad that might happen. That night I faced the possibility that the surgery would fail and I could become blind. Thinking of it made me unable to sleep. Since that day, I paid attention on how to stand in front of big issues of the life. It’s a long learning process. After a long while, I found out that beside several things you can’t do — the type of situations that makes you feel you are weak — there is something we can always do, that is to smile over the issues. I watch Nick Vujicic’s videos several times. He teaches me to be thankful when most of us wouldn’t see so. But he showed us how by his very life. Smile on like you are smiling in the photo! Keep that smile with you, it will bring miracles, I am sure.

Love you much, my sister!

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