Minecraft XL Slime Plushie Review ❤

He is so big ❤

I purchased an XL Minecraft slime plushie Etsy from MindyPuffle. It was the biggest and the best slime plush I found online. I was soo excited to get it!!

I was immediately so happy when he arrived on my doorstep. He jumped on me when I opened the box haha! ❤

The slime was a lot bigger than I expected, but that’s better!! I loved him so much I named him Jojo :). He is very squishy and cuddly. I love to have him sit right next to me on my bed so I can lay on him periodically. I also use him as a small desk to leave my phone on haha! And don’t forget I love to play Minecraft with him! Jojo is a good boy. At least he does not hop all around my room hehe.

Mini desk :)

The seller kept in great contact with me. She was very helpful in keeping me up-to-date on the slime plushie! Fast two-day shipping, too!

I was so thankful I bought this. He makes me feel happy :). Jojo stands out in my room and when my friends come over, I bet they’ll love it!!!

If you are interested in buying your own slime, visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/MindyPuffle :). It comes in various sizes and you’ll love it!!