Crime has been a serious problem in the world recently, especially in the developing countries. There are many reasons leading to crime. It’s said that poverty and lack of educational opportunities are the main reasons crime has increased in recent years, and more action needs to be taken to repel these problems . In my opinion, I agree with these points. First, let’s talk about poverty. When people lack a certain amount of material possessions, money, or food. They have to find a way to solve this problem. Robberies, thieves and murders are the easiest and fastest way they can think to get food, money or possessions they need. Wealth inequality or gap between the rich and the poor also has also played a part in increasing crimec. Secondly, lack of educational opportunities can also be deadly, and lead to crime. As people fail to acquire an adequate education, they will not be knowledgeable or skilled enough to have a good job. As a result, these people have to work very long hours manually under hard conditions. Their health, finance are badly influenced. For these reasons, they have to think about how to get richer fast, and crime is the only choice for most of them. To solve this problem, Government should put more emphasis on education and work closely with international organizations in reducing poverty.

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