The Gentrification of Los Angeles Chinatown: How Do We Talk About It?

Small businesses line Broadway in Chinatown
Intersections: Ord and Broadway
Walking towards Chinatown

A Gentrifying Los Angeles Chinatown

Rooted in a History of Exclusion

What Does Gentrification Do and Who Does It Benefit?

Walking around and playing ball: Bamboo Lane, Alpine Park, Spring Street

Rooted in Neoliberalism

“Boardmembers & Staff” of Chinatown Business Improvement District on March 15th, 2016

Displacement through Gentrification

When We Say “Change is Inevitable”

Literal Erasure: Who Are These Spaces For?

Blossom Plaza is marketed as “A New Era In Downtown Living”

Figurative Erasure: How Do We Talk About Chinatown?

Days in Chinatown: family, mahjong, bus trips, fresh produce

Sitting with Feelings of Discomfort: A Call for Self-Critique

Somewhere in the intersections of community health, Asian American Studies, storytelling, foodways, and Los Angeles Chinatown.

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