Thoughts on getting into cycling

Climbing Mont Ventoux in July 2014.
Me in my Rapha Galibier jersey at the eponymous col, one of the highest road passes in Europe and the toughest climb I’ve ever done.
Congratulations at the Col d’Iseran, the highest point ever visited by the Tour de France. When we were there in July, it was -1ºC and blowing a gale. (photo by @raffijacobs)
Contrary to appearances, this is not a still from an Andrei Tarkovsky film, but a photo of the bottom of the Col d’Aspin in cloud. (photo by @raffijacobs)
Nearing the top of the Col du Galibier, by far the hardest climb I’ve ever done, although this was from the “easy” side. (photo by @raffijacobs)
Anticipation is half the fun. Peter and Raffi contemplate the challenge of riding in the high mountains.
Raffi looks relaxed ahead of one of the world’s toughest sportives. When you’re talented and thin like he is, everything is a little bit easier.
Alex enjoying the most calorie dense food known to man.
This image is an inspiration to me. Inside my still too heavy body is the physique I want.
Raffi scoffs a bacon bap after day one of the Tour of Wessex.
These mojito ice lollies were guilt-free
Anticipating the long, epic road ahead on the startline at La Marmotte (photo by @raffijacobs)
Descending the awesome Mont Ventoux. For some reason (probably back pain) I wasn’t in the drops at this point. The poles are there so that they know where the road is when it’s covered in snow. (photo by @raffijacobs)
A bottle emptied on a col at altitude will be crushed by the time you reach the valley floor.
Raffi takes a rest two thirds of the way through the Cingles de Mont Ventoux challenge — three ascents of the volcano in one day. Waffles saved the day.
Raffi, me and Simon still looking fiarly chirpy after over 170 miles on the ride we did on the summer solstice, with still over 30 to go. Even Domino’s pizzas are good after this sort of effort.



Technical Director @ustwo London. Failed recluse.

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