HighCastle token is a voucher token, created by HighCastle. Token holders will be able to use it to pay for selected services and products at HighCastle Marketplace.

HighCastle is a British online investment marketplace for private securities and alternative investments. Driven by Distributed Ledger technology, it enables online access to $1,7 trillion market of private securities worldwide.

Token Details


Ticker: AIMS

Total supply: 2000 000 000 AIMS

AIMS Creation

HighCastle created 2000,000,000 AIMS. These will be the only AIMS created by HighCastle, so no further inflation to the number of AIMS is possible. The AIMS smart contract will conform to the ERC20 standard.

Use of Proceeds

  • 50% Research and Development
  • 30% Marketing
  • 20% Compliance

According to our current plan, the majority of the proceeds will be dedicated to the research and development of the HighCastle investment platform. We have also planned budgets for marketing and maintaining compliance with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Join HighCastle and get access to the biggest digitalized investment marketplace in the world.

For more information on how to participate, please visit:

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