HighCastle Partners with Blocktrade.com to Provide Liquidity for Digital Securities

A pioneer of digital securitisation on blockchain and leading UK investment marketplace HighCastle, and Blocktrade.com, a top-tier trading facility for Security Tokens, Crypto Assets, Crypto Traded Indices and other Tokenized Assets, have announced a partnership. Accordingly to the partnership agreement between parties, HighCastle will provide its issuers with an opportunity and offer to do listing of their digital securities on the Blocktrade’s trading facility, and Blocktrade will be referring corporate clients to HighCastle, where they can perform the tokenization of the assets and primary issuance of tokenized securities. So far HighCastle platform is the only one and first on the market which provides the blockchain-based registrar services to ensure legally binding primary issuance and distribution of digital securities (shares, bonds, convertible notes etc).

This partnership will see HighCastle and Blocktrade building compatible technologies to boost adoption and interoperability in the security token ecosystem. Trades of security tokens issued on HighCastle performed at the Blocktrade trading facility will be settled at the HighCastle’s permissioned blockchain — Prime Settlement and Clearing Blockchain Network (Prime Net) designed exclusively for financial institutions and exchanges. This post-trade execution will allow to ensure legitimate change of ownership and legal enforcement of each security token.

As an additional opportunity for traders, upon completing the integration, the owners of Blocktrade accounts will be able to perform arbitrage trading across Blocktrade and other regulated digital assets exchanges with the use of a single interface of HighCastle Open Market, the multi-exchange trading platform.

Blocktrade.com will be enabling priority due diligence of companies looking to create security tokens, referring them to HighCastle for token creation, and upon creation, providing secondary market liquidity as a licensed trading venue, and upon confirmation, listing of the security tokens, issued on HighCastle platform.

“We see limitless opportunities in our partnership with the Blocktrade and we are building this partnership to provide greater liquidity for our issuers and investors.” — Philip Millar, Executive Director at HighCastle.

“HighCastle is great partner that shares the same high standards of regulation and compliance. We look forward to build the future of finance together and make financial markets more accessible to everyone”, states Luka Gubo, CEO of Blocktrade.com.

About HighCastle

HighCastle is a London-based investment marketplace, which provides the end-to-end solution for compliant issuance, registration, sale, management and smooth trading of digital securities.

Since establishment in 2016, HighCastle covers market data on 10000+ corporate digital assets and provides access to multi-exchange trading within top global crypto and digital assets venues.

About Blocktrade.com

Blocktrade.com is a top-tier trading facility for Security Tokens, Crypto Assets, Crypto Traded Indices™ and other tokenised assets. With a clear vision of establishing the New financial world ecosystem, they are about to become the first fully MiFID II compliant crypto asset exchange and are partnering with security token issuers, market makers and other financial institutions, sharing the same high standards and values. Acquiring the license for listing security tokens in a completely regulated manner, Blocktrade.com is opening the floodgates for institutional capital to join the crypto markets. In order to exceed expectations of retail as well as institutional traders, Blocktrade.com trading venue is built on high performance, superior security and outstanding customer experience.

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Website: https://blocktrade.com/

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