Why To Issue And Manage Private Securities On The Blockchain?

Jul 11 · 1 min read

On June 19th 2019 HighCastle Investment Marketplace in partnership with Goodman Derrick Law firm held the event “Why To Issue And Manage Private Securities On The Blockchain?”

This was an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest digitisation trends in the private capital market infrastructure and enjoy networking at the rooftop of Goodman Derrick’s office in London.

During the event, Simon Brickles, Chairman Of The Board at the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, Tom Boersma from Goodman Derrick LLP, Alex O’Cinneide from Gore Street Capital, Flavia Richardson from Silicon Valley Bank and Ulyana Shtybel from HighCaslte have discussed the potential for digital securities to become a new standard and requirement by the investors.

Goodman Derrick’s review of the HighCastle’s event on July 19th:

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