Why Donald Trump sucks (and you should vote for him anyway)

Let me preface this by saying that you should ONLY vote for Donald Trump if he’s the Republican nominee and that this piece is directed at conservatives primarily.

There have been hundreds if not thousands of opinion pieces in news sites & papers all across this country trying to explain the Donald’s appeal. A big part of it is his celebrity persona, but there are also five more substantive arguments for him (relatively speaking) which are the most commonly used by his defenders on the right. Here I’ll go through them one by one, starting with the most appealing one to me and ending with the least:

  1. - He’ll really give it to the Democrats & the Republican Establishment: A very big part of the amount of support the Republican party gets comes from hatred of the other side. The lack of respect the Democratic party has for people with different values than them and, in some cases, the hatred for America some of their adherents show, has always turned a great deal of people away from them and into the Republican Party. This was the basis of Richard Nixon’s Silent Majority that carried him into office twice and has remained a big part of the party ever since. Many of these people have come to consider that the Democratic Party stands for evil, and that the leaders and donors in the Republican Party stand for letting evil get off easy. Many of them are projecting into Trump an image of a man who will not let them get off easy and will punch back twice as hard against anyone in either party who stands in the way of making America great again. First off, we should say that Donald Trump’s actions let us know that he doesn’t believe that Democrats are evil. If you truly believe in your heart that they’re evil, then you would never give money to them that they’ll use in order to stay in power and continue to go against the country. Now, how would Trump punch back twice as hard against the Democrats? Probably by pushing back against their progressive agenda, both economical and social, but specially social. There is more evidence that he’ll do the opposite of that. GOP candidates are at their most conservative right in the middle of the primary, but Trump has been openly supportive of Planned Parenthood and very quiet on the issue of same sex marriage. He’ll probably move to the left on those issues after the primary. If you want someone who will give it to the left and the GOP establishment, get someone who has a proven record of having done so, which is probably Ted Cruz. If you have different priorities then choose accordingly.
  2. He isn’t beholden to special interests: Trump has made his wealth an asset instead of a disadvantage by self funding and making a big issue out of it. He says that because he self funds, he isn’t beholden to special interests. This is true, but if Republicans think this is ideal, then they’re basically saying that we should live in a world where only rich people get to govern since they’re the only ones who can self fund. That should not be what we strive for. We should have the best people govern us, not the richest. People who have devoted their time to true public service by and large aren’t rich. We shouldn’t close the door on them just because they have to take donations.
  3. He’s right on immigration, which is the only issue that matters: This argument has been used by Ann Coulter since the beginning. She says that if we don’t stop immigration then the immigrants that will come in will vote Democratic for decades to come. I would argue that we’ve already lost demographically. The census bureau predicts that by 2045, whites will be less than 200 million and going down and latinos will be almost 100 million and rising. That’s why we need to appeal to those voters, not alienate them by deporting those who are here illegally and haven’t committed any non immigration related crimes. It’s a hard truth, but we’re just kicking the can down the road by stopping immigration now.
  4. He’s a dealmaker: This contradicts number 1 in a way, since Trump working together with the Democrats and/or the establishment GOP would be difficult if he fought back hard against them and vice-versa. The truth is, Donald Trump has alienated too many Democrats, both in the electorate and in elected positions, in order for it to be politically advantageous for Democrats to work with him, even if it is advantageous to their left wing agenda. Trump would have to give something in order to get something, unless the Democrats think it’s best to wait him out the door, which they probably will unless the deal is more advantageous to them than to him, in which case Trump isn’t a great dealmaker.
  5. He’s the most electable: Nothing could be further from the truth. Donald Trump has been consistently ahead of the primary polls while polling consistently worst out of all Republican candidates against Hillary Clinton. The polls seem to be right when it comes to the primary, why shouldn’t we believe them when it comes to a general election? An that’s not even considering the piling on by the media that will happen after the candidate is decided. We have more reason to believe that he’ll do worse after the primary than before it. That doesn’t mean he can’t win, that just means that he’s the least electable.

All that being said, you should vote for him if he’s the nominee. This is because he has already gotten a large core base of supporters who expect him to follow through on certain things, and opponents who will never support him. If Trump abandons his supporters then he’ll have to find a new base, which would be almost impossible. That’s why he will have to work with the Republican congress to get most of his objectives done. If he leaves them and goes with the democrats, he’ll be severely damaging his brand in the eyes of many of his supporters. He’ll probably govern as a right wing populist Obama in some areas, including executive orders, but the courts are filled with anti executive action right wing judges and anti GOP left wing judges who will surely stop the most egregious parts of his executive agenda. I trust in Paul Ryan in the house and Ted Cruz in the Senate to reign Trump in n certain areas and help him in others according to conservative interests. This is much better when it’s compared with a Hillary presidency where she’ll get more executive orders through and will work with Nancy Pelosi & Charles Schumer in order to get a completely different agenda through. There is no viable third option right now and there won’t be one in November in case Trump gets the nomination. That’s why, in that case, you should hold your nose and vote for Trump.