You’re just listening to one choir in the same church.
Sumant Manne

Actually, I do go to those sites. I have read those things.

I do and I have.

And the Art of War is something I have to read continually. Because I never have fully absorbed the thing. There’s too much in it.

I think what you mistake for my rhetoric is my REFLECTIVE listening.

I am not WOKE. I am just now getting myself to a point where I can call myself a listener. I don’t agree with BLM’s stance on everything. I don’t agree with all their methods either.

But I am open. And I am not going to participate in victim blaming. They are learning and growing. They deserve my respect and my attention. Overall, I believe in their mission. They have a right to define that and ask me not to center on myself.

I understand that request in a different way, from my own perspective. I know what it’s like to live with a narcissist. One who takes credit for every good thing you do and blames you for all the problems in their world. I have been a scapegoat. I know what that feels like.

I am working to understand better. Even in this thing I have made the mistake of blaming BLM for where we are. When that is utterly ridiculous. How we see the world and the way we treat others has nothing to do with others at all.

Extrajudicial shootings are undemocratic. They are an affront to our nation’s principles. Justifying these blatant executions in the street is traitorous.

No one should be ok with it. Defending it HURTS law enforcement. I love law enforcement. But the continued loud mouthed justification of these killings and the whining about “white people aren’t included in your slogan.” And the “you’ll get more bees with honey” bullshit is a double standard. It is making things more dangerous for everyone.

I will admit I haven’t been to in a while. Because it triggers me. I have to be in the right frame of mind to read that garbage.

But I do force myself to see things from perspectives that aren’t my own because I do know that knowing the perspective is the only way to communicate with it.

I just don’t see those people doing it in return. I find it offensive. Because it isn’t to cooperate, it’s to win. And sometimes when you win, you lose.