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After reading what walkerjojones said, there’s no way in hell I will put a pin on.

She’s right. It is a slap. Because why the hell do we need to separate ourselves? Why aren’t we happy doing things that BLM has suggested to us over and over again?

There are GREAT leaders in that movement. They know what they are talking about! And unlike some feminist organizations, I feel they are striving to be more inclusive and take intersectionality seriously.

On top of this, the point Walker made with regard to separation and how it hurts us…

Personally, if this isn’t an effort to raise money for the organizations that have already been doing this work for 50 to 60 + years I want no part in it. Those groups NEED our help and putting a safety pin on in supposed solidarity to me, screams tone deaf. It screams “I’m not listening! I’m not listening!”

And even worse, it screams “I’m not loving.” And “I’m never going to listen.”

It isn’t necessary. It is inaction. It is turning our backs when we should be opening our arms. It is refusing to acknowledge invaluable expertise.

It is not putting any money or time or effort to bolster momentum. It is creating a separate wave and taking energy AWAY from those it supposedly “supports.”

We could buy T-Shirts, hats and stickers that say Black Lives Matter or have fists on them. Like Michon Neal said.

We could actually read any of the material they have been working so hard to provide us like Queen Kaye has said. We could follow the resource links they give us and learn about de-escalation.

We could FOLLOW them as they have invited us to do repeatedly.

The pin is saying, “yeah I know you guys have the expertise and experience to lead us in our organizing, but no thanks, we know better than you — safety pin! — yeyyy!”

I don’t want to separate myself from you or anyone else. I want to be WITH my family. And so I’m not joining a tone deaf “movement” that isn’t going to do anything but cause confusion and act defensive when challenged. No thanks.

It literally ignores the requests for support and not centering on ourselves! Literally. Ignores.

I read what you said too. I am very happy you all get along well. I am very glad you are safe and that you feel safe. My hope is that some day we all get to feel that way too.

I know you also hope so.