Well, Ryder Spearmann, this is awkward.
SF Ali


Oh SF Ali, you, in fact, are the fucking king, the admiral, the guru.

This thing you did here, this is ingenious. Now I know no one will be able to SLAM DUNK A FUCK like you did here…

BUT! This method has given me an idea. And your post here I might need to link to later. Obviously, no one can bite your style and write the way you do — which is wonderful, but we can screen shot, we can take the words and call them out and leave them up.

Famous here — forevermore. These idiots you know, they don’t have growth, so they never morph — it’s always the same old shit.

So when they leave and come back under a new name, lo and behold we’ve seen all their snot and that might make it easier to ignore them to a stop.

I am like you, I don’t “ignore” trolls like this guy, because I think with my silence I’m co-signing permission. So instead when I see ones like this I get arrogant, snarky (a real fucking bitch) — because it isn’t ok with me at all.

But you know what I don’t do in process of the thing is let them get at my insides — and we all need to practice this now more than ever.

It’s like exercising a muscle that will help you out later.

So you’re the king of all the things to me right now. Thank you for standing up and saying — “NO, YOU STUPID BACKWARD FUCKWAD — JUST NO.”

The truth is that the government has always been the neglectful parent in the front seat as it relates to these infected fucking gnats. And we as the adults in the house now will no longer punish the bully and the receiver the same. It was a dumb fucking idea in the first place.

The bully needs to be shut down, shut out, told NO loudly and passionately now more than ever and we need to love the receiver of their abuse by first STOPPING their attacker and then holding a mirror to their own strength.

Which you just did for me — but you will always be