Please don’t accept an assessment from someone who barely knows you.
Danna Colman




The first doc I saw said I would always have to fight the ideation. That has not been true. And I found some great alternative treatments that have really helped too.

I don’t have flashbacks nearly as much as I used to and they aren’t as bad and they take less time to recover from…

I get stronger and better every single day.

I have C-PTSD. I am not ashamed. I used to be. But that doctor only did Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. That’s it. He couldn’t do any of the new stuff and he didn’t know what it was.

For layered trauma, the truth is that DOES NOT WORK! First of all, it would take a damn lifetime. Second of all, some of the memories we no longer have access to, so we canNOT TALK ABOUT THEM BECAUSE WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE.

There are great alternatives, Soraya Bakhbakhi. Danna Colman’s right, don’t take the first person’s word for it. Many of those people like to keep you sick so you can keep bringing them money.

There are lots of alternatives and they work. C-PTSD / Stockholm is different from other types. It really really is… But it can get better. I am living proof of this.

And I have been here myself. There are alternatives.

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