Oh, how I enjoy your way with words!
Caleb Ramsby

Back at ya… I’m looking forward to your response to what Jason recently posted @ us, Caleb. I think he made an excellent point. I think too that you were in the same ball field he’s in with your conflation post…

I was in “fix it” mode. And you know what, I am often accused of engaging in ‘fire, aim, ready’ behavior. I think this is because my intuition has already thought these things through — running like a background app in my head.

I’m usually not consciously aware that I’m running in ‘solve it mode’ — with the urgency of a unicorn suffering a malfunction resulting in shitting fire balls instead of the planned candy on a crowd at a parade — until I’m challenged in a meaningful way.

Like the way you challenged me and Jason challenged us.

I think this interaction has helped me understand why I look like ‘fire, aim, ready,’ on the outside. And that awareness will surely assist me in my growth — professional and personal. Not sure what to do with that awareness just yet. The good news is awareness is the the hard part anyway.

So thank you very much. The way you and Jason engaged with me here raised my awareness to something valuable. I appreciate you both.


-Cyborg 🌺