The Fine Line Between Staying Informed and Protecting Our Mental Health
Michelle Monet


Thank you for this.

Mr. Cyborg gave this to me one day after a particularly rough drafting of all things I have hated since November. I look at it when I am questioning what I do here… 😄

I don’t choose to believe what you do, but I respect your right to choose it. I am deeply affected by politics; I am a different person since November.

I agree with many of the comments, I don’t agree on all points, but I think that is not even important at the moment.

— What is wonderful, why I am touched by this piece is very simple —

I was sure I wasn’t the only person struggling to strike a balance. I was sure of that and yet, I still felt alone.

I feel less alone after reading this and the truth is, I don’t care if we agree.

What I DO care about is —

  • that we acknowledge our our attachments — to stuff, to others, to the planet, animals, etc. Art helps us with this by serving as a vehicle for expressing these attachments
  • that there is proof we are always longing for connection — the proof is that we are asking ourselves the same questions
  • that we are considering the same questions — this proves we are connected and want to be
that my answers to these questions don’t make a problem for anyone else on the face of the Earth — this shows my desire to maintain my connections
  • that we respect one another’s answers to these questions — this protects our connections
  • We can implement our solutions as long as we are not creating unnecessary suffering — this honors our connections

It is easy for me to appreciate knowing that others are asking the questions I am asking myself. My answers, your answers can’t possibly all line up. I know this because:

  1. How we answer these questions — the solutions we ideate — are all deeply rooted in our individuality and perspectives
  2. Each of those perspectives are completely valid

If we could just grasp those two key truths collectively, it would go a long way towards solving some of the problems from which the questions came in the first place.

If we can’t start to appreciate those two things, I am afraid our human experiment is not long for this world.
Which is why I don’t choose the same as you choose.

I can’t. I see nothing but co-dependent, controlling and narcissistic abuse all around me.

It feels like I’m trapped inside the basement of my childhood all over again.

Only now I feel like I’m less alone.

I am so grateful to you that you put this here for me to find when I needed it most. It really does help to know others are considering what balance can look like now that hell has brought the chickens home to roost.


-Cyborg 🌺