And like all the others flaws in human reasoning, it’s pure cognitive dissonance.
There is No More Encryption Debate: Backdoors Threaten the Whole World
Daniel Jeffries


There’s more…

It’s also because we cannot physically SEE the number of people who die via heart attack or cancer in the same fashion that we saw the towers come down on 9/11. Those deaths do not happen in front of our eyes and are not played repeatedly via TV and other mass communication vehicles for days after a death toll of 3000 is racked up in less than 24 hours. There are no United Flight hero recordings of last calls to their families, no first responders to watch digging through a massive hill of twisted metal, no President with a bullhorn standing on top of the mountain near our flag, no days of caskets going by while we watch knowing they only found a finger, or a small part of the one who the box now represents.

We cannot underestimate the power of the sensations we felt watching these things unfold. For many of us, they are burned into our brains. The same is not true for the more likely events, therefore, the health issues cannot be exploited to the degree that terrorist attacks can be exploited because we all have a reference point of the view…

Information is power. Obtaining information is empowering. Those calling for entry points into systems want more power and they believe the way to get it is to infiltrate systems and exfiltrate — then store — our information such that it’s accessible to them should they need it to leverage against us if they feel their power slipping or simply become unsatisfied with the power they have already.

Ignorance is the biggest collaborator in this little scam.

But please understand that if those in power calling for decryption and easy access could make those more likely demise scenarios as frightening for the masses via visual / audio sensations, they would do it in a New York minute.

We need not be angry at the traumatized and uninformed masses. The solution is to do as you are doing, Daniel Jeffries, educate as many people as we can, help calm them on the unlikely scenarios and redirect the fear in its rightful place — but help them know that the problem we are showing them — actually has real solutions that are actionable for everyone right now.

It’s very difficult to have compassion for those contributing to this issue via naïveté, but we must find that compassion within ourselves. The experienced and knowledgeable must begin to educate from a place of empathy for the fear that’s implanted within their would be students, otherwise, we’re no better then those fear-mongers spreading disinformation for power gains.

The cognitive dissonance gets worse when the good guys sound just like the bad guys. We have to play a different song to get anywhere with this issue — no matter how sweet the sound of your rage to my ears and eyes — the inexperienced and uneducated masses cannot delineate between your voice and the voices you are countering.

But god damn I love your passion.

-Cyborg 🌺