Penetration — I get it.
Jim Beach

Civil. Yes. Most Definitely.

I’ll go one-by-one here.

  1. I do not have an angle. I was only telling you what came into my mind in free form. There is no agenda, I’m more than willing to be wrong.
  2. I appreciate that you don’t want to judge my thoughts, but I was simply interested in whether or not you could see how I might think as I did.
  3. I understand your rebellion. I like it too, matter of fact.
  4. Why not say, “ass” — I almost did. The answer as to why I did not is “I don’t know.” I think I like the word balls more than I like the word ass is all.
  5. We don’t “have” to cast the male character as the villain, but to you I clearly have — for me, I don’t think of the word “balls” that way — I just like the word.
  6. I wouldn’t ask why you’ve cast a woman as a submissive character unless I saw you doing that repeatedly. It would make a big difference to me depending on the context, you know? I guess I just don’t have the same hot button, which is fine, right?
  7. For me a higher power has no gender, and I absolutely do not think of cancer in that way.
  8. I don’t know if I think your last paragraph really fits in this context. I mean, I didn’t say, “cancer is just like all men, let’s kick them in the balls,” did I? So I’m thinking that whole “black and white” business at the end is unfair.

Overall, I think this is a worthwhile discussion, because I am still not sure whether or not I TRULY wrote this with a ‘gender bias’ consciously. And I think maybe that’s the lesson, we all have blind spots and I wasn’t being real sensitive to my brothers, was I? That’s not very nice.

I didn’t mean to get you upset and frustrated. I hope you know that is true.

So given the above, what do you think?

Thank you for this discourse I think it’s important.

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