You don’t need to read what I write, just move along.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Continuing to post at me after blocking me is — I don’t even know what…

Yeah, I work at Medium. LOL.

That’s why “I get away with” following the rules. That’s why when I’m harassed by you (for the zillionth time) I can just snap my fingers and have you removed. It has nothing to do with your behavior (other people can see your posts to me here).

Actually, you’re the only person I have ever reported for harassment. Because, incidentally, you’re the only person who has ever harassed me on Medium.

If I am blocked, normally, I don’t bother dealing with that person anymore. I just move along. They said, “I don’t want to engage.”

I typically respect that.

What I don’t respect and what I don’t deal with is someone who blocks me and continues to post at me, creating account after account after account. Using my image in your attack posts is harassment. If it’s about Medium, leave me out of it. You can’t argue that while harassing me.

I’ve repeatedly asked you to leave me alone. This will be my last post to you. If you continue to reply to me then block me, use my images in your PDF documents, etc, I will continue to report you to the owners of this site for violating the rules. I’m pretty sure I know how they will respond to that — because it says exactly what they will do in their rules, which you are free to read any time.

This goes for everyone. If I was harassing someone I would get shut down. I don’t harass people. When someone tells me to leave them alone, I do so.

Medium Staff Your Friends @ Medium

It would be so wonderful if there were a way to manage this little game of harassment where the harasser uses the block feature as a method. This person is out of control.

Maybe you can’t block people before you have 50–100 followers? Maybe you can add a scanner to comb for spam? The last ticket I had open because of this person is still open.

Also, I just found out I work here. So, do you mind having HR send me my paycheck already? 😂

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