I do, I know the history of our isolationist doctrine in the early stages of WW2.
Caleb Ramsby

Cool. You were being brief. Got it.

I don’t know that the hack has had that level of impact yet. What I do know is that the level above and beyond the impact of 9/11/2001, most assuredly can be surpassed if we do not take significant steps to patch the holes we built in our infrastructure. I do know that with each new thing we plug into our networks or allow to send information over the airwaves we are increasing our vulnerability.

Ransomware is on the rise and we’ve already seen attacks in the IoT space. It is only a matter of time before those attacks are scaled up. 80% of cars on the road connect to Internet in some form or fashion.

Targets could be anything related to that and it has the potential to bring our transportation system to its knees. It’s a real threat and a real safety issue.

Beyond that, our power grids, connected homes, drones FFS!

The truth is we do not have a list of those government officials who fell for the spearphishing campaigns, therefore we do not understand the number or type of systems, servers, databases or products which are connected to that vulnerable surface area.

We don’t know if the attackers have been successfully sandboxed or if they’ve left behind any sleepers. I trust our intelligence community and our technologists are frantically performing forensics and will continue to do so to understand the depth and breath of this attack, but I do not believe we’ve hit bottom on this thing at all.

Comey stated directly and clearly that they will be back. Not believing those words could be catastrophic and is woefully misguided.

Even if he’s wrong, better to prepare for the worst and be ready as opposed to getting stuck on the fence with smashed bits and our pants around our ankles.

Anyone denying these things looks foolish. Certainly no one in the tech community should be denying them…

Then again, we do have doctors and pharmacists in this country who think it’s ok to deny patients medication, vaccines and the like because of cult bullshit so I guess it’s feasible that one could be in tech and deny the truth of this evidence.

Fucking sucks.