We didn’t help win World War 2 by doing nothing but defend America, we went to our enemies and attacked with everything that we had, while we were developing more effective weapons.
We’re dealing with cults, Jason Stelzner and H. Nemesis Nyx.
Caleb Ramsby


I hate to be the one…

But you got everything right until you said this… we did not enter into WWII until we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. We were way engaged in an isolationist posture at the beginning of WWII because of the loss we suffered during WWI and the Great Depression.

We knew of the Nazi Death Camps and the Blitzkrieg and the Einsazgruppen entering into Russia and Prague, yet we did nothing. We knew of the horrors awaiting the Jewish population of Europe and yet we turned away a massive ship — the Saint Louis — full of refugees. That ship was turned away from Cuba after we rejected them, routed back to Europe and the majority of those passengers were subsequently killed in the death camps shortly after they disembarked.

You need to understand this history as it is significant. The reality is what we do not want to repeat ever, yet here we are believing that if we build walls, refuse to assist those in need and re-enter a position of isolationism, we will not suffer a similar fate akin to Pearl Harbor, 9/11/2001 or worse.

The truth is we are in the process of setting ourselves up to experience those horrors ten fold and it is precisely because of that isolationism, head-in-the-sand, selfish posture that will spin out such a need for karmic cleansing on a massive scale. If the Earth doesn’t shrug us off first.

I say this to bolster the points you are making, not argue against them, Caleb Ramsby.

-Cyborg 🌺
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