As Goldhagen pointed out in his book Hitler’s Willing Executioners, murder is a dark stain that is shared by much of the human race.
I’m a computer scientist, so I don’t actually know what I’m talking about when I describe Trump and…

Did you read the other assessment of Police Reserve Battalion 101?

Ordinary Men

I honestly think both authors are right. One is probably closer to the truth than the other. I can’t figure out which assessment is more frightening.


Goldhagen is close to our current situation. His theory in Hitler’s Willing Executioners is that there was an embedded bias in the general public in Germany that Hitler was able to tap into and push it over the line from removed racism and bias to one that is more murderous. He believes there is evidence to support that Germans were hateful enough to condone the murder of Jews.

Browning takes a different stance. He leans toward a theory that aligns with the Milgram Experiment.

I think there is merit in both perspectives.

I think we have both versions of this in our country right now. I think that it is terrifying.