Now this is some yummy, catty drama.
Sumant Manne


Look, I watched the video on this Social Autopsy thing and it ends with what essentially is a threat:

“Social Autopsy is your digital footprint, so be mindful of the words that you share.”

Here’s what I am NOT saying — I am NOT saying we shouldn’t be mindful… Just so we are clear at the start. And I do not personally know these women — so “Catty” goes in the trash pile.

Now, I know we aren’t besties you and me, but we’ve interacted pretty well, all things considered — Sumant Manne… The sum total of our interactions for me, has been

very positive.

I hope you agree and that our interactions — In SUM — have also been positive for you.

I am going to take a big leap and say that they have been (faith in humanity is showing — sorry)…

Would you want someone pulling pieces of our conversations — written by me — out of context and adding them to this “Social Autopsy” database (or whatever it is) as a way to hurt me?

I would hope not, but I feel as though I don’t really have to hope that, because I think I already know that you don’t want to hurt me.

So if my assumptions are true, how would you feel if someone did that to me? What if someone made me out as a bully of you or submitted my name and said I was trying to hurt you or WORSE, just because we disagree?

What if my being identified in that way, had real life consequences for me?

And let’s pretend you don’t care about me — I know better, but let’s pretend for argument’s sake — aren’t you the least bit concerned that this may happen to you? Or someone you DO care about?

And what about the implications for free speech?

This is a bigger deal than you flippantly dismissing it as “catty.”

Don’t you care about your right to free speech even if you don’t care about mine?

The idea behind this database (or whatever it really is) isn’t all BAD, but HOW it is being implemented and executed seems pretty thoughtless to ME.

Could you please, do me a favor? Please, help renew my faith in humanity today by responding that you do not wish bad things on me.

Thank you.