The way to protect our freedoms is through the amendment process, not through the courts
If abortion were illegal, abortion providing would be illegal.
Leon Clark

Dude. What aren’t you getting here?

Why is it so difficult for you to grasp that the court is a test of amendments previously passed by congress in the CONTEXT of specific issues impacting specific citizens or a group of citizens?

It is the difference between laboratory research conducted by doctors and clinical application in a doctor’s office. It is the difference between the text book and the real world.

Congress authors the text book. The real world application of the text that Congress wrote is the responsibility of the court when citizens ask for interpretation.

What is an amendment worth if there is no enforcing body? What does an amendment do if no one is there to say — “uh, guys, this amendment says, ‘no, you cannot make <insert whatever here> illegal because it says right here in the Constitution and the associated amendments that it is unconstitutional to to make things like <insert whatever here> illegal.’?”

You need to understand how government works before you try to discuss this with me again. The amendment process means NOTHING if there is no one there to defend the amendments that are written.

That is the courts’ job. Google is your friend. A basic understanding of checks and balances within our government is something we are taught in elementary school.

I don’t teach 6th graders.

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