I have keys

Even the divine messenger

Cannot see everything coming

And though you tried and feel you have failed, I must disagree.

Because you gave that boy what he never had in his life before he met you. Respect, unconditional care and attention, you taught him to be mindful and empathetic — by being an example.

You can’t see everything coming. I know how frustrating that feels. I was told directly before a friend of mine went home before he was called. I have blamed myself for years.

You kept your eyes wide open and your keys near your hip. You genuinely cared what happened to the boy who gave you so much shit. And he loved you because no one gave him that before. The way he left needs to move from the center of your focus; replaced by how he showed up in front of you.

His leaving had nothing to do with you, outside the fact that he couldn’t go until he said he was sorry. WOW. He loved you and respected you enough to not leave you with that shit in your ears.

He knew what he was faced with when he left that place and he wasn’t interested in it. That is beside the point of what you did.

You can’t see everything coming, although you endeavor to try. You cannot fault yourself when someone makes a decision while your back is turned.

You have to understand the message of this boy’s life in the context of your relationship with him.

The fact that he gave you that note before he crossed himself over sends a powerful message of love and respect. One he desperately wanted you to hear.

Listen. Shhh. Listen.

Listen to him. He didn’t mean to hurt you and he doesn’t want you to blame yourself. He was escaping — this isn’t to say I agree with his actions — I don’t.

But I understand that this boy did not mean to cause YOU this harm.

I must say something else for myself.

Thank you for your hard work. I know when we complain about these things we are complaining about real people like you. People who are working their butts off and breaking their own hearts. I want you to know that I appreciate what you do, jade. I do not take it lightly.

Again, thank you,