I guess what I would like to see is the same type of engagement H.
Jordan Bray

First off, I’m a moron…

There, I said it. I feel better now.

I am a moron because this has been sitting here for exactly a week and I didn’t even know about it. Can I just tell you how badly I needed to read this like 11 billion times over the last week?

Oh wait, you already know.

Alright, enough of that nonsense.

First of all, we absolutely must figure out how to stop allowing those who actively voted for our most recent catastrophe to blame that on poor people. We must make this stop now. It is not helping. Not only that but it is wrong and it is just ONE more way to scapegoat this group for all the ills in our society. We have to go on the offensive here because even if they did not vote, they still did not vote for this and it is wrong to make other people responsible for other people’s actions. Completely. I want to correct this so bad. Every time someone well meaning says “poor whites elected this mess” I want to puke.

FALSE + NOT HELPFUL = Fragmentation

I think you are on to something here with respect to language. I happen to believe that so much of this is tied up and wrapped around privilege and race and sex that it is difficult to unpack as a ‘stand-alone’ issue. Much of the time, I think that is logical and actually ok because it seems to me that it is not just a symptom, but also a means to an end. A way to keep white supremacy and patriarchy in place at the top.

Kind of the same way religion is used in dictatorial countries. It is bigger than a symptom, it is a methodology and a creed.

It is also a spectrum of abuses, right? I mean, there are people at the top of this rung on the ladder, those in the middle and those at the bottom and INSIDE that rung there are factions and biases and engrained beliefs that serve to keep people in their place at every tick on that ruler.

Therefore, I think that one of the biggest blockers to having a separate conversation focused on poverty as a stand-alone is the tendency to blame the poor for everything and the rewards people gain from accepting these beliefs at every rung AND the ways that people tend to allow red herrings cloud judgment and vote against their own rights (assuming they are allowed to vote at all).

It is complicated, for me, focusing on race addresses classism. But in typing that out, I already know that’s probably my own privilege talking.

I guess what I am asking you is how do you think we could unite people of every culture and status inside that rung of poverty that would help them protect one another and come up with their key messages that I can then help deliver and champion?

So much of what you compliment in your post, Deborah Foster 🍁 is me serving as a messenger, but ambassador is a fancier title, so I’ll take it, LOL.

The real work is all done inside the minds and at the table of the people who are the Subject Matter Experts who understand better than I ever can the very real issues that must be attended to — everything I wrote above is probably bullshit. I come from a blue collar, union fed home, we were middle class and perhaps we were poor for a short time, but I never knew and we didn’t stay that way for long.

As an adult, I have been a poor single mother, but probably closer to the top of that rung, right? I have cash and haven’t gone hungry. I don’t qualify for help or assistance, but my debt is crippling and my net worth might as well be negative 11 million dollars. I don’t understand money AND I don’t give a fuck about it.

I’m worth more right now to my son dead than I am alive and that is exactly how I want it to be, especially right now.

So I don’t understand the issues that you faced. I really don’t, but I am absolutely willing and ready to soak up sponge like and hold the megaphone because I believe you and I believe we need to solve this problem.

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