Exactly! And same :-).

For the record

This has to be said.

(It isn’t directed at you, Jewels)

I am not Defaming ANYONE.

So, if you choose to copy what I have written here and send it to Danna — which, that’s fucking dumb, just because I blocked her, doesn’t mean she can’t log out and read this herself — know this,

I am stating these things in the open because they are true. I am not afraid to tell the truth. Telling the truth does not = defaming.

Danna, do not email me again. I’ve told you not to do so via email TWICE now. Now I am telling you publicly. I am not defaming you. It isn’t my fault that you cannot own your behavior and change it.

I have a right to say WHATEVER I WANT TO SAY ABOUT THIS and about what you did.

I saw multiple screenshots of your private notes telling people they should be afraid of alto. You said multiple things about him to ME directly. You’ve also been called out by others. Stop lying to yourself that you are a victim.

No one is victimizing you, Danna. NO ONE.

You made several disparaging statements about me and others. You continue to push your story that people are trying to hurt and silence you, when that is YOUR behavior. You forwarded the email you either received from someone else this morning to scare me, to accuse me of defaming you and to get me to shut up.

I will not oblige.

I am not afraid of the light, Danna. I have done nothing wrong. I will not apologize for my feelings. I have provided you multiple opportunities to earn my trust back and each time you declined.


I say again, you do not see how your behavior and actions hurt other people. Leave me alone. Stop pretending like I’m hurting you by stating facts. If you don’t like seeing your actions in black and white like that, maybe you should change them instead of blaming me.


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