We give women — especially single women — financial and social incentives for having kids.
Equality isn’t a buffet where you get to pick all the rights and take none of the responsibilities.
Sumant Manne

Fuck you.

Okay. This is not true. No one is taking care of me.

No one. Everything I have is what I have earned on my own.

No man. No government.

My two feet. My two arms. My BRAIN.

Just me and my son. For ten years. Don’t fucking tell me that I am incentivized by the government. Every dime I make in my MERIT increases for my EFFORT and promotions that I work my ass off to earn is gobbled up by the government.

There is no incentive for being a single mother, working hard, paying bills on time, being responsible and doing the right FUCKING thing.

I know because that is me.