The one thing you learn to scream if you are conscious is, “PLEASE DO NOT CALL 911!”
Thank you!
Gerard Mclean

Gerard Mclean, I posted this:

Just the other day. Like, LAST WEEK.

I had chest pains (turns out, I was having a “traditional panic attack” — rare for me, but I digress) so I drove myself to urgent care. Why? Because I know what a ride to the hospital costs in this country AND I know they will also limit my hospital choices if I hitch a ride with them — or charge me more to go to a facility I prefer…

Urgent care gave me a choice — I could either:

A. Drive myself to the ER


B. They could call an ambulance for me.

They could not run an EKG or any other test.

I congratulated them on their learning how to work a phone and politely declined their offer to ride in the MOST EXPENSIVE TAXI EVER. I’d rather take an uber or call a cab or take the damn bus…

I drove myself.

My situation was not good. Doctor kept me overnight. I did not have a heart attack, but the panic seriously mimicked one.

Anyway, I say all of this to say you are absolutely right.

I still don’t want you to die in a fire though. I like you.



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