H. Nemesis Nyx, you have been on my mind
Furaha Asani (formerly 'Orisirisi')


This is the nicest thing ANYONE has ever said about me. You’re an angel. A gift. Right from the heavens to this world. A beacon and a soul-protector.

And I’m crying.

And I cannot even stand it. Because YOU are a writer I look up to… your voice is incredible, unstoppable, electric.

I will never forget when I first saw your words. Words about invalidation, words about narcissistic abuse at the hands of those who pretended to be your friend.

I’ll never forget how I felt. Someone was telling MY story. Someone heard, knew, understood this deep scar and maddening behavior I had been so hurt by…

You validated me. I felt you telling me, “no, you’re not crazy. You did really see those things. And those things weren’t right.”

Then you engaged with me. We had a little back and forth. I felt you allowed me to stand in support of you, and it felt so good to stand at your side and just speak on it.

And now THIS? How you have made time to express such kindness, to write about me — you know my heart. How did you do it?

You know my heart.

All I want is to be seen for who I am. It is so rare when someone gives me this ultimate gift, when someone says, “I can see you; I can hear you.”

Thank you, Orisirisi. Just thank you so very much.

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