Thank you!
A Ennis


A., my dear I hate NO ONE.

Like at all. Least of all, you.

Come on girl… no way. I have no time for hate, A.

No time for hate.

But I have lots of time for anger and if I am angry — and that’s directed at you — it really truly is because I LOVE you.


No, it can’t be.

Oh, yes it really really really is.


Because the heart is messy — mine is not immune from the disaster of spewing what looks like hate because my angry words are so very sharp.

And it’s my job to do better than that.


So, the words out sharp are not logical and usually I do a much better job cooling them off before I hit publish.

That was MY mistake.

So, I see a lot of value in your writing and I LOVE it! Really! And some of your words hurt my heart and I got confused and I let my anger drive.

Not cool.

I also appreciate your honesty. REALLY! I think it’s very good. And we will have more chances to talk about stuff like that — another time.

You don’t have to think like me for me to accept you. I’m pretty sure we have a lot MORE in common than we have not.

I’m glad this felt as it was intended for you.

Let’s get fucking sexy, bitch.



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