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Here we go…

We already talked about some of these, but WHO CARES?!?

First crush ever ^^^

Second one ever ^^^

(I’m a one man Cyborg…)

Mr. Norton… oh I’m so sorry I left you out, ya fucking doll baby.

Oh, Taye, if you were any hotter you’d be responsible global warming… JAY-SUS.

Can we please NOT forget about the dudes on Game of Thrones?

“You know nothing John Snow”

Mr. Cyborg has a body like Khal Drogo. (If you hadn’t had enough of me ‘meat talking’ him tonight) I miss Mr. Cyborg… might have to watch Iron Man tonight.

Because this hottie. <drool>

I was in love with “Spanish” from the movie Old School…

Samuel. ‘Nuff said.

Mr. Lowe… how has he not shown up yet?

BUT THOSE EYES! HOLY SHIT. Can you just look at me for a little while?

Teenage crush!

Technically, “the voice” makes him an “actor” SHUT UP! This is MY list!

If you didn’t watch Justified, FUCKING BUY IT on iTunes! The whole series you get to look at this motherfucker in a god damn cowboy hat chasing his alter ego who looks like this:

What the fuck are you still doing here? JUSTIFIED! GO NOW.


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