For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

Hey, Lady!

I admire you.

I admire your grandpa. He’s a hero to me. I never liked the orange tornado front running the RNC, but the day he touched down at your grandfather’s feet with his whirling ignorance and disrespect was the day I decided I would stop “defending in place,” — quietly waiting out the storm in the basement.

The utter disregard Agent Orange holds in his heart for our veterans — war heroes and those who never saw combat alike — is absolutely the number 1 reason (for me) to be very vocally, vehemently against his presidency. I am a moderate. I am a swinger. Many find this hard to believe, but it’s true.

I was furious with Bush and Rove when McCain was trashed and disrespected in the primaries the year Gore lawfully beat the Bush. I have to believe our world would have been much different if McCain had won his first time in.

I was disgusted by the abuse he took at that time. He was my favorite candidate so I was excited when he ran again and was doing so well, but then it happened.

Something was different about McCain this time. He seemed to be more right-winged, less engaging, less of the collected and reasonable man I so admired. And it wasn’t what others were saying about him that bothered me. It was what he was saying and what he did.

Couple of things, so he turned his back on the grassroots that helped him in his first bid. I understand that, I have empathy for the thought process that says “that didn’t work let’s try something else,” smart thinking. What it seemed he didn’t know was that it HAD worked before. He was just cheated by the Bush and his evil sidekick Rove. The McCain of those days inspired me. I didn’t know who this new guy was and it made me feel disconnected from him. I grieved.

But it got worse. What sealed it for me between McCain and Obama was the choice for running mate. I could never and would never support a woman like Palin in direct line of the Presidency as the VP. She is a hot mess. Unintelligible, degrading to women and completely ignorant of the ways in which her constant sludging of the mouth was going to set us back.

I couldn’t. As a woman I could not vote for someone who’s running mate was a half-step vibrato away from Ann Coulter. Umm, no thanks. And honestly for me my opinion of McCain’s abilities to lead the country declined in earnest after he announced his running mate.

To me it felt like an insult on my intelligence as if I would vote for someone just because they were a woman, cause I’m one too. It looked like a manipulative trick. More of the not-McCain-new-guy who was so different from the man I knew years before.

I was open — I am every election year. I don’t blindly re-elect. So he had a real chance with me.

Regardless, I never stopped respecting his sacrifice. I never for a single moment lost sight of what your grandpa did for me. And therefore, I will not ever understand how anyone could vote to elect a Commander and Chief who has shown such clear disrespect for McCain and his heroic dedication to this country.

McCain isn’t the only veteran the orange tornado touched down upon either, but to me, if a person can say those vile things — things I will not repeat — about your grandpa after what he did for us… I just don’t understand why he hasn’t been booed off stage! Where is the clown with the hook? Where is the gong?

Thank you for saying this out loud. Thank you for validating what has me so heated about this whole mess. My dad went to Vietnam, my uncle to Korea, my grandpa to the pacific during WWII and he went to Europe too — after he recovered from his first injury. My grandpa liberated Nazi POW camps. These men whom I love and deeply respect, sacrificed much for this country. They did not go through what your grandfather went through, that doesn’t degrade their sacrifices, but it is not the same.

Please tell your grandpa I said,

“Welcome Home.”


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