In general, I think the role that those who are part of the dominant group need to take right now is a supportive one – to do what we can to make sure the voices of those who are dealing with systemic oppression and racism are centred and given priority.
Cultural appropriation is a hot topic right now, and for good reason.

I agree.

I also think that isn’t the case in this particular discussion because Jaden is not part of the ‘dominant culture.’ Not to be a jerk, but it’s a fact and I am awkwardly treading lightly here — she doesn’t need my help — but still.

It can’t feel good as someone who is marginalized — to be told by someone else that your type of marginalization isn’t the “right” kind for you to talk about the subjects for which you are writing.

I don’t know how you would feel about that if it were you. If I were Jaden, I would feel very hurt by that, I’d want to defend myself and I would feel like I wasn’t acceptable anywhere — like I had no home. It would make me very sad. I hope that’s not how she feels right now, but in her position — which is NOT that of a white woman — I can imagine I might feel that way.

But in all ways in every other case, I agree with what you’ve said, 100%.