It’s not a perfect analogy, but it serves for the purposes of illustrating the point.
When you walk into the valley
John Metta

I agree with you 99.9% of the time.

Here. I disagree.

It has to be a perfect analogy. It must be. I want it to be. I need this to be exactly like how you laid it out.

Because if it is, I GET IT!

And I want to get it, John Metta! I really really want to…

What you said made perfect sense to me and I have been through that exact thing. Not hitting, but invalidation. And it’s fucking exhausting to explain empathy and compassion over and over and over, only to have someone who genuinely cares mess up and continue to ask me to explain, give specific instructions — even ask for a list of specific words to use!


Honestly, others might not see it the same way you do. But if even a small percentage of human beings feel like this about the constant incessant explaining over and over and over again —


And I want to relate, to connect so badly. Not that I want to have the same problem, etc. just to understand better is all. No two people feel the same emotion the same way anyway. But if it is like how you explained just now than I can relate and relating, connecting, fills me with more empathy, driving my compassion — it reinforces why I conduct my own research.

I think you’re great, John. I really do. Never stop.