I’m 4rd gen military, my family (both sides) served since WW1, I too support the brave people who have given their lives and time in the service for our country, that doesn’t mean I blindly support stupidity.
Benedict Arnold was a hero, too…up until the point he betrayed General Washington.
Dr. C. Cat

I also do not blindly “support” and/or believe whatever is put in front of me. McCain has been a public servant for many years now. I do not know you. I have already given you the benefit of the doubt and read the proof you offered once.

I would do it again, if you were to offer further proof of your accusations.

IF he defected… he didn’t, so what exactly is your point? If you are hellbent on convincing me of the horror, please point to actual proof that the horror was committed instead of “if / then / else” scenarios not based in fact.

Not for nothing, but we were discussing Vietnam. I could give you a run down of my family’s service to this country on BOTH sides starting from WWII as well. If you want to attack McCain’s character, come with proof.

Even if he did commit some horrendous thing such as your initial post says, his military service and time as a POW needs to be left out of that part of the discussion. It isn’t something we should be using against people.

If I were a POW I would be appalled that the so-called “commander in chief” had such little respect for my sacrifice. And those of us who grew up in families with generations of military service in our background, I would think we would too.

And I am.

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