Hey H. Nemesis Nyx
Wild Flower

I am going to need some time to fully write more than blubbering…

I need to process this, yes I am ok.

I went just real fast to see if there were an old post of mine that might help.

You’ve already read them.

All of them.

And I am bawling my eyes out because I had no idea we had this kind of thing in common.

Let’s not call it the ‘P’ word, ok? The label of the thing does not matter. It really doesn’t. I need to think about this because I want whatever I say to help. I need to think.

For now, I know it is scary. I know it is intimidating. I forced an opening, but I slapped a character across my face. My account is 100% anonymous. It gave me a lot of freedom and made me feel safer to share.

More later. I need to think.

So many hugs.

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