There’s a lot more people in my shared reality than yours.
Sumant Manne

I am pointing out a flaw that I see. You *think* you aren’t attacking my character. I do not agree with you.

I think you do attack my character when you say I lack empathy for men. Especially since you know that isn’t true.

I am pointing out a flaw, a blind spot I see in you. You may be able to argue that you are trying to do the same thing for me.

The thing is I TRY to absorb your words, I look for places where we agree. I try to find common ground with you. I have never thought or seen you do that in return.

I think that’s a flaw. You’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. If you’re here to make a difference, one way you could do better is to be more open to other people’s perspectives.

Always on the offense — that’s a thing I’ve notice you doing — it is sad because if you could just not do that you would see when we agree.

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