Because when it comes to bearing children, women can make any choice they want but men cannot.
Sumant Manne

I am so tired.

Dude, that’s just no.

Men get women pregnant and say “it’s not mine” all the time.

Also, your last bit about the turkey baster thing is just stupid. So you want to write laws because it happened more than once according to YOU?

This is so sloppy and lazy. You can do better.

These are your beliefs and I don’t know where they come from but they are half baked at best. Also, some pro-life women argue that pro-choice further strengthens the idea that reproduction is wholly a woman’s responsibility.

I’m sorry your penis wont accept an IUD, but I hardly think that’s a woman’s fault or a product of unfairness / inequality for men! It’s a matter of plumbing and science.

Ugh. You make me so sad and tired.