Thanks so much for your kind words!

I am very familiar with these types of arguments myself. I reach out here on Medium to the “unreasonable.”

I didn’t mean to imply that you were upset. I apologize for saying that — because when I get into discussions like the one you posted it bothers me when people reading it assume I am upset during the discussions when I’m not at all.

Wow. So I’m learning something here. I can handle it well when I’m the one engaged, but watching them say those things to you REALLY hurt me inside. I wonder if that is something my friends here would say is similar to how they feel sometimes watching me deal with similar situations?

I use engagements like the one you posted to exercise mental toughness — it’s a tool I use to combat my PTSD and to desensitize myself to invalidation, which is a big trigger point for me.

So I wonder why I was so hurt by what those men were saying to you? I mean, if you are fine (which clearly you are) shouldn’t I be fine too?

I’m not kidding, miabrett, I was very upset reading that. I was so angry, frustrated, sad, lost and finally felt when I gave up that I might literally vomit. So I projected those feelings on you. Again, I am sorry for that…

I just feel like there is a big lesson here for me and I’m writing to process it. Would love your thoughts on any of the above free-association rambling.


-Cyborg 🌺