nemesis: i agreed with you here- “The way a ‘safe person’ behaves is to listen to others and hear them out in a respectful way. That isn’t what happened here.” the author of the piece set the tone for the thread by dismissing my questions. this is an experience i’ve had many times over with leftists who try to do good, but don’t want to hear critiques of any kind about matters that relate to resisting white supremacy.
scripten: whether or not the author of the piece is PoC makes no difference in the questioning of…
Yvonne Metiche

I appreciate the acknowledgement, but I do feel my apology needed to also be directed towards you.

I think that I over-stepped and you are clearly articulate enough to express yourself. I feel it was pompous and arrogant of me to jump in, when I could have simply recommended your response to show you that I was listening to you.

Because in truth, all I wanted you to know was that someone was listening to you.

I stand by my statement regarding safe people. They listen to and hear you. I also still believe your questions were valid and thoughtful.

But I’m not ‘the judge of that’ and therefore I shouldn’t be running around here acting as if I am.

Thank you again for your words.

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