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I do not disagree with you entirely, Thin Man. I read all of what you asked me to here.

I have a draft post response to you, because I felt so strongly that you only left one single thing out of your work. I think you said something like “not everything can be treated.” And I thought,

“Exactly, also, not everything can be explained.”

I went on to talk at length about my family’s angel and how the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her. But I decided it was not necessary to say all of that in the context of what you wrote.

It is really supplemental, personal narrative of exactly what you stated. Not everything can be treated. I add, not everything can be explained.

I don’t think you’ll miss much with the decision you have made and I agree with your reasons.

No fight to be had here. If you’re interested in knowing more about this story, I can finish it up over the weekend and post, if not, I’ll just engage with you on other things.

Like the weather.

Or how the hell I can make my hourly rate something that substantial. 😄

You’re awesome.