You are entirely right that I am not a woman!
Sumant Manne

I don’t know.

I am only one woman.

I know myself and I think it’s different for everyone.

For me:

That falls into the category of “non-ya…”

As in, that’s non-ya business.

Ya dig?

We aren’t sleeping together (sorry, I’m sure this news will be hard to hear) so I don’t feel the need to invite you to know me in this intimate way.

And besides, rape, sexual assault and entitlement about sex has NOTHING to do with sex drive. It is all about the drive for dominance.

Are you saying you fit squarely into some box as it relates to “man” and “sex.” Do you really want to make a statement like that?

Think of the implications. Think about what we’ve discussed before — you and me. You don’t like to be lumped in like that, so why would you partake in ‘lumping’ as it relates to others — or yourself.

Come on!