So glad to hear.
Randomly Me

I don’t think meds are a last resort for Diabetics, why should they be a last resort for a kid who has ADHD? Surgery is a last resort. Dialysis is a last resort. Meds? Yeah… they are safe — the stimulants are anyway. This should not be an issue for anyone. And they help! My life would have been so much easier. I wouldn’t have gone half my life believing I was worthless, weird, off and damaged.

The reason I gave for my situation is the truth. It’s part of what happens to children with narcissistic parents.

There’s so much I could write about this… there’s probably a good 45 articles I could write just on this alone…

Special Ed was involved with me (slightly) for me, I got bad grades, but knew the material, got in trouble for being a “dreamer” and generally doing whatever the fuck I wanted to do and not bothering to hide it either.

There were many reasons for this… could write a book. At any rate, my son was treated much differently. He was identified “gifted” and “other health impaired” he has an IEP. I fought for it. They screwed up a lot with me, they screwed up only some with him.

I could write a fucking book. Maybe I will.

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