H. Nemesis Nyx, I know you are better than this.
Sumant Manne

I don’t disagree with you completely. And there were somethings in her post I know to be true — the trauma bonding thing is one of them — but, it’s equally true that it isn’t just unhealthy, boundary-less women who engage in that — men do it too.

I think it is odd your phrasing. And the phrasing of her piece is also what made me disgruntled about the sum total of the parts. When you say:

“Another side of THE story.”

You are sorta saying that this is the only version of divorce that happens and she is presenting one side of however many sides there are to the thing. At least to my eyes anyway.

And what I wrote wasn’t an argument or really something I’m interested in debating. It is my truth and my perception.

Of which I am allowed.

As you are allowed yours.

I have no other energy to give to this discussion. Hopefully, you’ll understand.


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