You write stories too, don’t you, Cyborg?
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

I don’t fiction.

I have no skill for that business.

I can self-deprecate, I can humor in my memoir, I can even edit the memoir to imagine alternative “how” of the happening, but I cannot invent “happening.”

I tech write, I can promo write, I can summarize… I can boil the fiction of others to the bare bone message. I cannot invent the thing.

I have tried. No dice. Or maybe I have no endurance in fiction. Like I can for a few sentences, but then I annoy myself.

I write about actual perception of the actual thing I saw, heard or felt. I can imagine a puzzled or baffled look on your face right now. But I can’t make you a character and take you through a scene.

I’m also only poetic in a Dr. Suess type way. Maybe if I try real hard, I will get better some day. HEY!


Super lame. My head just doesn’t ya know lean that way I guess. It’s not that I’m not creative, or that I have no voice, I just can’t make it say the not past happened for really and truly stuff.


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